My Dog My Room 3.8.3

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Keep a pet puppy in your own virtual room on your SmartPhone!

* Play with your pet puppy in your virtual room anytime!
Use the SmartPhone camera to take a photo of your room.
You will then be able to play with your pet puppy in your virtual room anytime on your SmartPhone.
Take a photo of your home, workplace, neighborhood, parks, etc.
Anywhere that you can take a photo of is where can play with your pet puppy.
*** Photo feature not available on the SmartPhone since it does not come with a built-in camera.

* Play with your puppy!
Touch the screen and your puppy will come to you. Use your finger to pet
your puppy and make him or her happy and more active.

* Loads of play features!
The app comes with 4 customizable rooms. Use the menu icon to take your puppy out for a walk.
You can feed and play ball with your puppy anywhere and anytime.

* Care for your puppy to increase his/her happiness!
Clean your puppy's room to provide a healthy environment. Brush your puppy's hair to maintain his/her appearance.

* Get trophies!
Puppy's happiness, puppy care, and to maintain clean the room and you can receive trophies for your effort!
Take good care of your puppy and receive all the trophies!

*Service may not use the photos only in the application.

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